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About Us

Our Story

   Julia and Allison are both children of immigrants who immigrated in an effort to protect their identities and find better opportunities. We are both Ukrainian Ashkenazi Jews and have noticed the many global conflicts that have been easily overlooked, and in light of recent global issues, we decided to establish an organization which allows the younger generation to exhibit their impact. In a revolutionary period of time of social awareness and access to various media platforms, the horrible atrocities and issues around the world are easily spread and known of. Our accessibility and awareness is what allows us to make change with our resources and minds. As members of the next generation, the future, it was incredibly alarming that there is so little that we could do. Thus, IYI was created in order to give opportunities to bring change, positivity, and awareness.

Meet The Team

Research Team

Operated by our Content Director, Titas Mukherjee

Social Media Team

Operated by our Social Media Manager, Jasmine Cherng.


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