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Our Mission

Make a Change! Your Age Doesn't Define Your Impact!

IYI was started as a project by youth for youth. Our goal is to give a platform for younger generations to leave their impact on global issues. IYI is an organization which is working to make the steps to activism and change as efficient as possible. Young minds are what shape the world and will continue to do so, as such IYI aims to help younger generations have the resources they need to combat issues worldwide.



Initiating clubs and activities within schools by students to encourage involvement of other students. Student leaders will be able to develop their skills and influence within their community, leaving positive impacts worldwide.


Giving younger generations an opportunity to not only help aid issues globally, but make a direct impact through individual and innovative ideas.


As IYI is working to address problems internationally, our non-profit in progress hopes to collaborate with presently established organizations in order to give younger generations representation as well as reinforce the missions of other non-profit organizations.



New York City, New York




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